The Perfect School Lunch

Mixed Bag Designs Litterless LunchReady or not, it’s about time to start preparing for back to school! Mixed Bag Designs has a huge selection of great products to make lunchtime at school a breeze.

While it’s always good to have a healthy lunch, our guilt-reduced sweet treats make the perfect dessert! Try our Chocolate Cake Mix with our rich Chocolate Frosting Mix. Both of these delicious mixes are dairy, wheat and gluten-free, so everyone can feel free to enjoy. If you’re looking for a more savory treat, try our Wild Blueberry Scone Mix or our Gluten-Free Scone Mix for delicious, buttery scones!

As far as packing your lunch goes, Mixed Bag Designs has everything you could need. Pack your snacks in our Snack Containers, your sandwich in the Bento Box and your pasta in one of our colorful Thermoses! Put everything in a Zip Lunch Tote or an Insulated Lunch Sack for a green and eco-friendly meal. Mixed Bag Designs’ reusable bags and containers are a great way to make your daily lunch environmentally friendly and waste-free!

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