New Great Fundraising Ideas

New Great Fundraising IdeasTechnology, Taste and Great Fundraising Ideas

Technology has changed the face of fundraising campaigns forever as it has expanding the reach of those we can communicate with about fundraisers. While there are those who still adhere to many of the traditional concepts like solely going door to door, many great fundraising ideas now rely on technology to help make them successful. In a world where charities of all sorts are banging on your real and virtual door, it is important to make sure you have the edge by providing something that is unique to a wide audience yet appeals to their sometimes eclectic and even environmentally conscious taste.

The Changing Nature of Fundraisers

While the goal of fundraising is still the same as it has been for decades—to raise money for a specific purpose; however, products have changed. Over the decades, since homemade fudge and cookies dominated bake sales, these items, while still popular, no longer rule the market. Tastes have changed. Allergies and concern for the environment have resulted in other products taking the place of the traditional chocolates, magazine subscriptions and baked goods. Instead, campaigns feature purchased products that may consist of:

  • Fair trade and organic chocolate and other goodies
  • Gluten-free food and food mixes
  • Green or ecologically friendly tote bags and travel bags
  • Kitchenware that reflects various environmental concerns
  • Products that are designed and made in the United States or locally

Such products reflect the changing nature of American society. They show the concerns parents and schools have for the environment as well as for the health of children and the economy. For those who want to come up with some great fundraising ideas, take these aspects of your audience into consideration.

Great Fundraising Ideas: Use Technology

Technology is the latest tool in the campaign to raise money. It can be one of the best fundraising ideas you have ever had. If used correctly, you can not only increase the visibility of the campaign but actually raise money. Some of the great fundraising ideas may be simple and even traditional in approach or product, but the use of technology makes them stand out.
Technology can be used in a number of ways to help your great fundraising ideas become successful campaigns. Technology can:

  • Be used as a promotional tool – Facebook, Twitter and other types of social media can spread the word
  • Be used to contact the individuals who have contributed or donated before
  • Be a means of keeping in regular contact with other volunteer members to ensure the campaign is on track
  • Remind people of dates, including the company or individuals providing the product
  • To thank everybody “in person” – can even use Skype or a similar app
  • To actually raise money – this can be done by setting up some form of crowdfunding campaign

Great Fundraising Ideas

Today, it requires more than an idea to make a campaign successful. You need the right product. You also need to find the right mix of technology and the human factor. If you want to succeed in today’s competing fundraisers for dollars, it is important that you go beyond great fundraising ideas and traditional products to embrace new technological as a means of reaching your goals.

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  1. Hello,
    Its very true that many new techniques and technology have come to raise fund easily. Thanks for sharing such great effective useful tips and ideas of raising fund.

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