Our Top 5 Back-to-School Essentials!

Mixed Bag Designs back to school productsIf your lengthy back-to-school shopping list has you lost and in a daze, not to worry, Mixed Bag Designs has got you covered! Check out our top 5 products from both our Bags & Accessories Catalog, as well as our Kitchen & Home collection!

  1. This fall, we’ve updated our drawstring backpacks to an all-new design! Featuring a front zipper pocket and cute leopard and daisy print patterns, these bags are sure to please!
  2. Need a bag for the gym or for camp? Look no further than our new poly duffle collection. These duffles are made from 100% polyester, and what’s more, they come in both daisy and leopard prints to match your new backpack.
  3. What’s a school lunch without a lunch box? We’ve updated our kid’s lunch box design this season, complete with matching foodies! Get the full set of three matching foodies with both our skulls and our monster print insulated lunch bags.
  4. Who says back-to-school shopping is only for the kids? Keep your home and car organized when the school year starts again our great storage products, both for the home/office and for your car! Staying tidy isn’t always easy, but Mixed Bag Designs makes the chaos of starting school a breeze.
  5. If you need to keep food or beverages warm on-the-go, our new thermos is perfect for both children and adults alike! In three cute, spotted colors, our multi-purpose thermos is sure to bring a smile to the lunch table.

Shop all of these great products and more at mixedbagdesigns.com!


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