Boosting Participation: Get Teachers Involved


How to Boost Fundraiser ParticipationEveryone knows how important teachers are to happy, well-rounded students. Mixed Bag Designs wanted to create a Teacher Rewards Program to make the school fundraising process more fun for our hard-working teachers.

Teachers who’s classroom’s reach 50% fundraiser participation or higher receive a FREE $50 Mixed Bag Designs gift card! Click here for a flyer promoting our Teacher Rewards Program. Now teachers have a “prize” to work towards, just like our successful student prize programs. With everyone earning rewards, it’s never been easier to excite your student body and teachers alike.

We have lots of great incentive ideas for getting your sellers excited about participating in your school fundraiser, but our new Teacher Rewards Program is already proven to boost fundraiser sales!

  • For one California school, our new Teacher Rewards Program has more than doubled their fundraiser participation
  • One teacher who had just two participating students in the Spring had eight students for their Fall fundraiser
  • Another teacher went from six to 15 participants!

Some easy ways teachers can help excite students about your fundraiser are:

  1. Offer a small reward (like a piece of candy) when students turn in their order form
  2. Play up the fundraiser prizes sellers receive with our free prize program
  3. Agree to dress up in a silly outfit if their classroom reaches 50% participation
  4. Reward 50% participation with an hour reserved for a fun craft activity or class party

Make your next fundraiser the best one yet; choose Mixed Bag Designs for up to 50% profit, two great catalogs, and reward programs for your sellers AND teachers! Click here to get started today or contact your local rep for more info.



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