Start Your Fundraiser in September for EXTRA Rewards

Fall2015-FastStart0908The first fundraiser of the new school year usually raises the most funds; everyone is full of energy and excited to be back in the swing of things. We want to reward you for a choosing a Mixed Bag Designs fundraiser to kick off your school year. If you START your fundraiser by September 30, you could qualify for special bonuses!

Fast Start Bonus – Start Your Fundraiser by September 30

  • Eligible: Elementary, K-12 and Middle Schools
  • What do you get?
    • If you choose our High Profit Program,* you receive a free five product Display Kit!
      • You get the free Display Kit upfront (with your seller packets order), so you have plenty of time to set up your fundraiser display and get everyone excited about the fundraiser!
      • Need some great fundraiser display ideas? Click here to see examples of REAL fundraiser displays!
    • If you choose our Full Service Program,* you are eligible to receive 1% extra profit if you meet your sales goal.

PLUS, you are eligible to earn a free product set worth over $100!

  • If you sign up for a Fall fundraiser between now and September 30, you will receive a free product set valued at over $100 if you reach your sales goal.
  • Use the free products as rewards to top sellers or raffle them off for extra profit!

It REALLY pays to start your Mixed Bag Designs fundraiser early. Sign up today, or if you need more info click here to find your local sales rep!

*Our High Profit Program is our most popular fundraiser – earn up to 50% profit. With our Full Service Program we do all the legwork for you, from creating and stuffing a custom parent letter to entering your orders for you. Talk to your rep about our program options!

ELIGIBLE FOR FAST START BONUS: Elementary, K-12 and Middle schools who start their Fall 2015 school-wide catalog fundraiser by September 30. Must meet sales goal to receive 1% extra profit for Full Service Program, or free product set. Talk to your local rep about your sales goal.


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