5 Steps to School Fundraising Success

Five Steps to Fundraising Success

  1. Get teachers involved. You can use our teacher incentive flyer program to motivate and encourage teachers to participate in your Mixed Bag Designs fundraiser!
  2. Raise participation rates. Creating small incentives or coupons for top selling students and classes is a great way to encourage students to get involved. Check out the awesome prizes we have to offer on our fundraising site, and check out these other great ideas for student prizes and incentives!
  3. Promote online sales. This can be a great way to boost sales for those that prefer the ease of online shopping. You can also request a custom email to forward to friends and family!
  4. Distribute an eye-catching parent letter. Parent letters help to inform parents at your school about the fundraiser, and our letters have proven to help with fundraising success! We have tons of great cover letters available for download on our fundraising website.
  5. Use flyers and social media graphics. Spread the word about your Mixed Bag Designs fundraiser through social media with our free graphics for Facebook, Instagram and more. We also have tips for making great social media posts! You can also utilize our pre-sale flyers to post around town to let everyone know about your fundraiser.

We hope these tips help to bring you and your school success. Happy fundraising!

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