Social Media and Fundraising

Social Media and FundraisingDid you know that nearly half of ALL internet users have Facebook? Plus, —people are 71% more likely to purchase when referred by social media – perfect for increasing your fundraiser purchases! Just think of all the friends, family and friends-of-friends you could reach by posting about your fundraiser on social media.

Mixed Bag Designs has all the right tools to promote your fundraiser on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more!

  1. Go to our Social Media Pagewe have photos sized perfectly for Facebook, Instagram and emails
  2. Click photos to see them full-size
  3. Right click and select “Save as.” Save pictures somewhere easy to find on your computer.
  4. Post on social media – it’s that easy!

Posting Tips

  • Say who money is being raised for and why
  • Include your group name, fundraiser dates, brief instructions and Click-Shop-Support Link
    • —Make your own Click-Shop-Support link: – —Just replace the XXXXXX with your Mixed Bag Designs fundraiser ID number and share with your post.
  • Use a colorful picture – 87% of a Facebook Page’s engagement happens on photo posts

Facebook Post Examples:

  • —Post promoting shopping online (just replace the X’s with your ID): Support (your group name) Mixed Bag Designs Fundraiser! Click to shop online and we get credit for your purchase. At checkout, double check that our fundraiser ID XXXXXX is entered – you can add the seller you’re supporting too! Thanks for your support! (add picture)
  • Post promoting turning in catalog orders: Support Roosevelt Elementary’s Mixed Bag Designs Fundraiser! Browse the two colorful catalogs or look online at and pick out your favorites. Turn order forms in to ______ by ______. Thanks for the support! (add picture)

Social media is a powerful and far-reaching tool, and can make a big difference in your fundraiser! Raise more money than ever by using our social media tools and tips. Happy Fundraising!


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