How to Spread the Word About Your Fundraiser

Spread the Word About Your FundraiserRunning a fundraiser isn’t profitable if your friends, family and community don’t know about it; lucky for you there are TONS of free tools and resources you can use to spread the word about your Mixed Bag Designs fundraiser. Continue reading

Earn Fundraiser Freebies – Sign Up by October 30!

October 2015 Fundraiser BonusWhat’s better than a high-profit and fun fundraiser with Mixed Bag Designs? Getting REWARDED for running a fundraiser! If you sign up for a Fall 2015 catalog fundraiser by midnight Friday, October 30, you could receive a fabulous product set worth $100. Continue reading

Profitable and Easy Fundraising for Your Organization

Mixed Bag Designs FundraisingExciting New Fall Fundraising Ideas for Schools and Businesses

Almost every school in North America today relies on fundraising at some point throughout the year to fund the purchasing of new books, supplies, and other materials. What is making this an increasingly difficult task, however, is that the traditional way of fundraising is no longer functional. Large coupon books have been replaced by sleek online websites, which have the sameβ€”if not betterβ€”offerings. Magazine orders are being swapped for bigger, better products.

This is why Mixed Bag Designs exists. We offer schools and other businesses a variety of different products that are sure to snag the attention of their target demographic and generate more money for their cause. If you are on the hunt for fall fundraising ideas, we have a handful of them for you, starting with the most popular of all: Continue reading

Run a Fall Fundraiser in Time for the Holidays!

Mixed Bag Designs FundraisingThere’s still time to run a Fall fundraiser in time for the holidays! Getting started is easy, and our catalog fundraisers are fun, too. One Fundraising Chair even said, “This was so much fun I was disappointed when it ended!” Continue reading