Profitable and Easy Fundraising for Your Organization

Mixed Bag Designs FundraisingExciting New Fall Fundraising Ideas for Schools and Businesses

Almost every school in North America today relies on fundraising at some point throughout the year to fund the purchasing of new books, supplies, and other materials. What is making this an increasingly difficult task, however, is that the traditional way of fundraising is no longer functional. Large coupon books have been replaced by sleek online websites, which have the same—if not better—offerings. Magazine orders are being swapped for bigger, better products.

This is why Mixed Bag Designs exists. We offer schools and other businesses a variety of different products that are sure to snag the attention of their target demographic and generate more money for their cause. If you are on the hunt for fall fundraising ideas, we have a handful of them for you, starting with the most popular of all:

Bags Galore!

Our tote bags have been a top seller for years now thanks to our on-trend designs and quality workmanship. These totes are spacious enough to fit whatever it is you may need for the day and are comfortable enough for you to carry them everywhere.

But we, at Mixed Bag Designs, don’t just specialize in totes. We also have an extensive line of professionally crafted grocery store bags, which can be reused time and time again to help save the environment (the designs of the bags are often so popular that buyers use them as regular totes!). Our company also offers a line of sports bags in various sizes and with compartments to meet the needs of different individuals.

Layering Up With Bracelets and Scarves

Layers are “in,” and we at Mixed Bag Designs are on top of the latest trends. We currently offer four unique and very different styles of bracelets that can be mixed, matched, and layered with one another to create a completely customized look.

But we can’t talk about fall fundraising ideas, however, without mentioning scarves! Our customers have a variety of different styles and patterns to choose from, including infinity scarves.

Mixing Funky with Functionality with Mobile Device Stands

Our company currently has two catalogs for organizations to peruse this fall, both of which have solutions to make your mobile devices more accessible. For mobile phones, we offer everything from sleek and modern to fun and original mobile device stands. Our sturdy stands are large enough for tablets (and cookbooks!), sleek, and match the contemporary stainless steel designs of many other top kitchen appliances.

Cool Kitchen Gadgets

Fall is a time when most families will be spending time cooking extensive and elaborate meals in the kitchen. This is why some of the best fall fundraising ideas are those involving innovative kitchen solutions. From our grate, shake, and sprinkle cheese grater to our expandable sink colander, we have the answers to your customers’ biggest kitchen woes at Mixed Bag Designs!

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