Earn Fundraiser Freebies – Sign Up by October 30!

October 2015 Fundraiser BonusWhat’s better than a high-profit and fun fundraiser with Mixed Bag Designs? Getting REWARDED for running a fundraiser! If you sign up for a Fall 2015 catalog fundraiser by midnight Friday, October 30, you could receive a fabulous product set worth $100.

Score a canvas duffle, striped tote, crossbody bag and a cozy knit scarf! All you have to do is sign up by midnight, October 30, and meet your fundraiser sales goal and we will send your bonus set with your main fundraiser order. As the fundraiser chair, there are lots of great uses for this bonus: raffle the bags off for extra profit, offer them as rewards to top sellers or even give to teachers whose classroom’s brought in the biggest amount of orders.

Need a few reminders of why a Mixed Bag Designs fundraiser is the best one around?

  • Earn up to 50% profit
  • Every fundraiser comes with two great catalogs full of things everyone loves. With the holidays just around the corner, sales are sure to be bigger than ever!
  • Anyone around the USA can shop online to support your fundraiser
  • FREE prize programs for everyone!
  • No upfront costs
  • Free shipping on main orders that reach sales goal
  • Free marketing materials and social media tips to make promoting your fundraiser easy!

Sign up today, or if you need more info click here to find your local sales rep!

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