How to Spread the Word About Your Fundraiser

Spread the Word About Your FundraiserRunning a fundraiser isn’t profitable if your friends, family and community don’t know about it; lucky for you there are TONS of free tools and resources you can use to spread the word about your Mixed Bag Designs fundraiser.

  • Email Blasts
    • Email all contacts associated with your organization before you kick off your fundraiser. For schools, it’s especially helpful for parents to plan ahead and know to expect fundraiser catalogs.
    • Use language to excite everyone about the fundraiser! Share links to the Mixed Bag Designs fundraiser catalogs to show off all the great products.
  • Set up an eye-catching display
    • If students, parents or teachers see an attractive display that brings the items from the Mixed Bag Designs catalog pages to life, they will be all the more excited to support your fundraiser!
    • If you run a Mixed Bag fundraiser, you can buy display kits that are 75% off retail prices so it’s affordable and helps boost your fundraiser.
  • Flyers
    • Sometimes the oldest marketing methods work the best! Fundraiser Chairs have access to tons of free flyers, from pre-sale flyers to reminder flyers, that make it easy to spread the word. Post around school, local coffee shops, libraries and other community bulletin boards!
  • Post on Social Media
    • Did you know nearly half of internet users have Facebook? Just think of all the people in your network and friends’ networks you could let know about your fundraiser with the click of a button!
    • Check out our Social Media Tips page for step-by-step instructions on how to make a perfect Facebook post!
  • Reminder Email with our Handy Email Tool
    • Everything’s online these days, including shopping! Lucky for you, anyone around the USA can shop online to support your fundraiser, and we’ve made it EASY to share the good news with them!
    • Click here to send a personalized email to yourself that you can forward to friends and family about your fundraiser. OR we can send out the personalized email for you, from you. Just enter in your name, fundraiser ID and their emails and you’re good to go!
    • Anyone can support your fundraiser by shopping online for the whole fundraiser season! For spring fundraisers that’s June 30 and Fall fundraisers it’s December 31.

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