Stock up on Festive Gift Wrap for the PERFECT Holiday Gift

Mixed Bag Designs Gift WrapWe’re excited to introduce our new reversible gift wrap collection for the Fall and Winter season! Each roll has two picture-perfect coordinating patterns, and our high-quality and vibrant gift wrap makes a great impression. We have just the right mix of sophisticated, playful and classic designs to fit any style. 

Besides our holiday wrap, we have everyday gift wrap for birthdays and other special occasions. You might even find extra reasons to give gifts because of our pretty new paper. Mixed Bag Designs’ gift wrap is an exciting addition to our fundraiser catalogs. Just think of all the extra sales your fundraiser could get before the holidays; families love stocking up on gift wrap, and it’s a practical purchase everyone is sure to use!

You don’t have to be supporting a fundraiser to get Mixed Bag Designs wrapping paper of your own — anyone can shop our products online, too. And don’t forget about the other fun and colorful products we offer. Check out our great gifts like reusable bags and kitchenware and pick up a roll to wrap your pretty package — we’ve got your holiday shopping covered!

Mixed Bag Designs Gift Wrap

Mixed Bag Designs Gift Wrap

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