HUGE Early Bird Bonuses for School Fundraisers!

Early Bird Bonuses Did you know that Fall is the most profitable time to run a school catalog fundraiser? After a relaxing summer vacation everyone’s ready to kickoff the new school year and raise funds for the school’s upcoming projects, events and supplies.

Even though Fall is far away, now is the smartest time to sign up for a Fall 2016 catalog fundraiser. Why? Because we give Early Birds big rewards!  Continue reading

Tired of Bake Sale Fundraisers? Here are 7 Creative Ways to Fundraise

Fundraising Ideas

Fundraising is a noble cause, but sometimes it’s easy to get stuck in a rut. How many cupcakes, raffle tickets or car washes can anyone reasonably buy? What you need to do is shake up your fundraising ideas! Here we have seven ideas for raising money that are fun, exciting and just a little bit different. Continue reading

Behind the Scenes of our Spring Photo Shoot!

We are so excited about what our Spring fundraising catalogs have in store! Our Bags & Accessories and Kitchen & Home Catalogs have lots of fun, practical and affordable products for your Spring fundraiser. Prices start at less than $10, and there’s truly something for everyone. Check out our video showing what a typical Mixed Bag Designs catalog photo shoot is like! Continue reading