Tired of Bake Sale Fundraisers? Here are 7 Creative Ways to Fundraise

Fundraising Ideas

Fundraising is a noble cause, but sometimes it’s easy to get stuck in a rut. How many cupcakes, raffle tickets or car washes can anyone reasonably buy? What you need to do is shake up your fundraising ideas! Here we have seven ideas for raising money that are fun, exciting and just a little bit different.

  1. Donate to Challenge Your School Principal or Organization’s Boss!
    If your boss is game for this, it could be a lot of fun. Have people donate and if you reach your goal they will dress up as a clown, wear a silly wig or even trade jobs with someone for the day.
  2. Lip Sync Challenge
    If you’re feeling brave, put on a show! Sell tickets to a lip sync challenge competition, and channel your inner pop star.
  3. Brave the Shave
    Those who are particularly daring can risk their precious hair for charity. Ask for a certain amount in donations, and if it’s met, shave that hair right off…for a good cause!
  4. Go Without
    Do you struggle to live without your morning coffee? Can’t bear to be without your cell phone? Get sponsored to give up something you love for a whole month. If you’re trying to quit smoking, this could be a fantastic incentive.
  5. Go Wildlife Spotting
    This is a great activity to do with kids. Draw up a list of animals you want to find, such as cats or dogs, birds, or butterflies, then go out on a nature walk to look for them. Assign a value to each animal, and supporters can donate that amount for each one you find.
  6. Get Crafty
    Are you or anyone you know good with knitting needles, sewing machines or clay? Create some works of art that are truly unique to sell for your chosen charity. You can even make the art show an event and sell tickets, raising even more funds for your cause.
  7. Sell Something People Always Need
    It’s tempting to go with a bake sale when you’re fundraising, but no matter how much you love cupcakes, at some point they do get old. Why not sell something that your supporters will actually need in the future? Reusable bags, kitchenware, and gifts for the holidays are great ideas to get started. And Mixed Bag Designs has just what you need. Check out our Spring fundraising catalogs!

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