HUGE Early Bird Bonuses for School Fundraisers!

Early Bird Bonuses Did you know that Fall is the most profitable time to run a school catalog fundraiser? After a relaxing summer vacation everyone’s ready to kickoff the new school year and raise funds for the school’s upcoming projects, events and supplies.

Even though Fall is far away, now is the smartest time to sign up for a Fall 2016 catalog fundraiser. Why? Because we give Early Birds big rewards! 

Sign up for a Fall 2016 catalog fundraiser by 12/20/15 and you could earn:

  • Up to $100 off your invoice! *
  • $200 in Mixed Bag Designs gift cards *
  • 10 free teacher bags

Use the gift cards (given in increments of $25) to reward top sellers, as a gift for the fundraiser chair or have people purchase raffle tickets for 50 cents for a chance to win a gift card. The teacher bags are perfect for handing out to hard-working teachers, and they are just the right size for collecting catalog order forms from sellers.

With a Mixed Bag Designs fundraiser, earn up to 50% profit, score free prizes, no upfront costs and tons more! Our Fall catalogs will be out in a few months, but click here to see our Spring catalogs. Some of the great, easy-to-sell products we offer are tote bags, accessories, kitchen gadgets and tech accessories. Every catalog is full of new colors, patterns and fun products!

Sign up today, or if you need more info click here to find your local sales rep!

* Eligible: Elementary, K-12 and Middle Schools running a Fall 2016 school-wide catalog fundraiser. For gift cards, reach your sales goal. For $50 off invoice, raise at least $2,000. For $100 off invoice, raise over $5,000.

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