Bonus Extension! Ring in 2016 with a Profitable Fundraiser

School Fundraiser BonusHappy New Year! To kick off 2016, we decided to EXTEND our Spring fundraiser bonus for schools! Earn up to 50% profit  selling tons of easy-to-sell items from two catalogs, and get a free prize program to reward your sellers. On top of an already great program, you can earn bonuses for signing up for a Spring catalog fundraiser!

If you sign up for a school-wide fundraiser by January 31 you could earn $100 in Mixed Bag Designs gift cards! Even better? START your fundraiser by February 29 to get a FREE five-item display kit (Eligible: Elementary, K-12 and Middle Schools – other orgs click here). That means that if you sign up by January 31 and start your fundraiser by February 29th you could earn over $150 in fundraiser bonuses! The display kit ships at the beginning of your fundraiser with your seller packets, and includes some of our favorite items from our Spring collection. Set up the great products in your school lobby or cafeteria to show off the bags. If students, parents or teachers see an attractive display that brings the items from the Mixed Bag Designs catalog pages to life, they will be all the more excited to support your fundraiser.

All you have to do to earn $100 in gift cards is reach your sales goal, and your gift cards ship with your main order. You can use them to reward top sellers, give out to top-earning classroom teachers, or give them to your Fundraising Chair as a thank you for organizing the sale.

For more general info about our fundraising program, visit or website or click here to find your local Mixed Bag Designs sales rep. Happy Fundraising!

ELIGIBLE: Elementary, K-12 and Middle Schools that sign up for a Spring 2016 school-wide catalog fundraiser by 1/31/16. Talk to your local rep to discuss fundraiser signing bonuses and sales goal. Must meet sales goal to receive gift card bonus.

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