Kick Off your Fundraiser with our Animated Video!

If you are running a Mixed Bag Designs fundraiser, we have a fundraiser kickoff video that’s sure to ignite your promotional strategy! This video is great for promoting our cumulative prize program and also showing off our variety of products. From the fun animated characters to the catchy tune, we hope to have kids dancing in their seats, ready to sell those bags!

Our video takes sellers through the fundraising process, from the day they receive the catalogs to how to promote the fundraiser to their friends and family. We also excite the sellers by prompting them to be “superheroes” for their organization’s cause. What kid doesn’t want to be a superhero?!  

We also have a LIVE prize video showing off our prizes with real kids! Click here to see our live prize video.

For more general info about our fundraising program, visit or website or click here to find your local Mixed Bag Designs sales rep. Happy Fundraising!

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