How Fundraising Catalogs Make or Break Your Promotion


How Fundraising Catalogs Make or Break Your Promotion

It’s not always easy coming up with the right ideas and plans to raise money for an organization. In fact, some ideas have been overused and your customers could easily lose interest. However, going online and shopping from catalogs can be a great way to launch a campaign and stir up some excitement. Yet, it is important to choose the right company, or your fundraising catalogs may just sit there and do nothing for you. Here are some important things to look for when you choose a line of products to promote.

Colorful Catalogs = A GREAT Salesperson

Does your catalog attract attention? Is it colorful and interesting? Some of the best products on the market today may never get into the hands of your donors/customers if your customers do not open and go through the catalog. A good catalog is not only attractive, but it also creates interest in the products it has to offer. When you have this important feature, most of the selling work is already done for you.

Is Your Catalog Current?

It is best to choose fundraising catalogs with seasonal themes. This is why Mixed Bag Designs publishes both Spring and Fall catalogs. For example, our spring selections feature bags, accessories, and many great supplies for the home and kitchen with a “spring” theme. Everything is fresh and eye-catching.

Check out our fall catalogs and you will find many interesting selections with a theme for the holidays. This is where everybody can find exceptional holiday items and gift wrap, which will be an excellent source for Christmas shopping.Make shopping easy especially during the busy holiday season.

Solving Problems for the Customer

Donors must be seen as valuable customers because they invest their time looking at products before purchasing them. They will invest more in your products when you have something of value to offer. Additionally, their loyalty will grow if you provide services to make shopping more convenient for them. Here are some examples:

  • Gifts: Gift shopping is a hassle for many, especially around the holidays. If they can easily finda variety of gifts for people in one spot, this is one less thing they need to worry about.
  • Shopping: Because you offer delivery and online services, shopping has never been easier. Many people have busy schedules and little time to shop locally. The ability to browse an attractive catalog and place orders online makes it more convenient for your customers to shop whenever they want to.
  • Handy tools: Check out the spring catalog and you will see a number of unique products, which make cooking and baking easier and more fun. This is a great way to solve problems that people face, especially for those who are looking to be more creative in the kitchen every day.

Our Fundraising Catalogs Solve Your Problems Too

You have very little work to do when you go with Mixed Bag Designs. Plus, you can earn as high as 50% profit! Check out what we have to offer by visiting our website today.

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