Reduce! Reuse! Recycle! Tips from Mixed Bag Designs.


Go green and save green with the 3 R’s of the environment: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. Each one as important as the next when it comes to cutting down waste. By incorporating these 3 key essentials you can help your community and the environment by saving money, energy and natural resources. Make Earth Day every day with these simple tips.


  • Say no to disposable shopping bags and bring a Mixed Bag Designs reusable bag instead
  • Choose products with the least amount of packaging
  • Buy items in bulk like shampoo and laundry detergent (larger economy-size products or ones in concentrated forms use less packaging and usually cost less per ounce)
  • Avoid over-packaged goods and purchase items in bins when available
  • Use a dish cloth or cloth napkins instead of paper



  • Use what you already have instead of buying something new
  • Purchase reusable products and use refillable containers
  • Sell or donate old clothes, appliances, toys and furniture
  • Use both sides of the paper when printing



  • Buy products made from recycled material
  • Check collection centers and curbside pickup services to see what they accept
  • Consider purchasing recycled materials for office equipment at work
  • Recycle electronics for their materials
  • Use recycled paper

Mixed Bag Designs Reusable Bags

After you reduce, reuse and recycle – don’t forget to repeat. Start today for a cleaner, healthier tomorrow and celebrate #EarthDay with 20% off select items. Shop our Earth Day Sale and use promo code EARTHDAY – ends Monday 4/25. 

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  1. Great ideas and tips! Recycling helps us to cut expenses! But we shouldn’t do it, just because of the material profit. It needs to be turned into a habit we include in our daily responsibilities!

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