Celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week!


Class is now in session.

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week! If you can read this…thank a teacher.

Every day teachers educate, innovate, encourage, and touch the lives of millions of children across the world. They are real life superheroes. Help your child honor his or her teacher this week by sending them a thank you card, volunteering in the classroom or surprising them with a Mixed Bag.

Each teacher has a different style of teaching, but when it comes to fashion every teacher should dress for success. Shop our website to find the latest on bags and accessories. Our favorite is the Black Swirl File Box, which can easily transport your student’s homework or your lesson planner wherever you go.


Take notes – If you teach or know someone who teaches elementary, K-12 or middle school and signs up for a Fall 2016 fundraiser before July 1st, they will receive 10 free teacher bags.


Pretty, right?

Okay, time for a pop quiz – Who can tell us about our Teacher Rewards Program? Here’s a hint: Our Teacher Rewards Program rewards teachers that have high classroom participation. For school-wide catalog fundraisers, teachers whose classrooms reach 50% participation are eligible for a $50 Mixed Bag Designs Gift Card. Teachers who reach 75% participation will receive a $100 Mixed Bag Designs Gift Card. Pencils down everyone. You all pass.

Remember to celebrate teachers and their lasting contributions around the world every day. As a big thank you, be sure to check out our free printable gift tags. Then attach your tag to a Mixed Bag – perfect for any teaching style.

Homework tonight is optional. 

Homework assignment #1: Show your gratitude by commenting below about a teacher who has touched your life.

Homework assignment #2: Learn more about Mixed Bag Designs fundraising on our website. Enter your zip code to find your local sales rep. Remember to sign up for a Fall 2016 fundraiser by July 1st to snag 10 free teacher bags.

Class dismissed.

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