Announcing our Fall 2016 Prize Program!

Fall 2016 Elementary Fundraising Prizes

Any parent or teacher know that motivating kids can be tough! When running your elementary school fundraising campaign, students, teachers, parents and friends alike need to unite to guarantee fundraising success. We’ve created a FREE prize program for sellers to self-motivate them throughout the fundraiser – no nagging necessary!

Our elementary prize program is full of items that excite kids, including toys from the sure-fire hit summer movie The Secret Life of Pets, fun emoji accessories, and tech items like headphones and a Bluetooth speaker. With 11 cumulative tiers in the prize program, there are rewards for many levels, great and small. For non-elementary schools, we have another free prize program – read more here!

See the prizes in action! Our live prize video featuring real kids is relatable, and our prizes make fundraising fun for your sellers.

Click here to learn more about Mixed Bag Designs fundraising. Your school could earn up to 50% profit selling from two top-notch fundraiser catalogs!

Already signed up for a Fall fundraiser? Make sure to also bookmark the animated video below to use at your fundraiser kickoff! In addition to showing up the prizes, it sums up the fundraising timeline and why fundraising is SO important for schools.

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