The Advantages of Online Fundraising


At Mixed Bag Designs, we work with all types of teams, schools, groups and non-profits to organize and facilitate online fundraiser programs. We often find that people are not familiar with the benefits of this option over the more traditional face-to-face types of community fundraising campaigns.

Looking at the advantages of the online option as a standalone or a combination fundraising tool you can easily see why it is so effective. By considering the advantages of the online option, or perhaps pairing it with traditional strategies, any fundraising program will be more successful.

Long Reach

The biggest downfall to door-to-door and in-person types of fundraising programs is that it really only applies to people in a given community. Depending on the age of your kids and the specific groups in the community, people can be saturated with the typical offerings of these types of fundraising efforts, leading to a dramatic drop-off in orders.

On the other hand, with online fundraising, anyone with internet access can place an order directly with Mixed Bag Designs. This means relatives in other states or even friends on social networks can all make a purchase and support your child, a team or even a charity.

Better Product Variety and Selection

Top companies that provide online fundraising have exceptional quality products and a wide range of different options within each category. This is very different than a small brochure or catalog where only specific items will be displayed.

With the option to go online and shop, it is also more likely that people placing an order will order more. This is largely because of the ability to browse through the site or to even place multiple orders over the campaign.

Fast and Simple

For organizers of the fundraising event, using our fundraising company with our easy to use website makes the entire process much easier. There is no need to enter orders manually, no mistakes to worry about, and no concern with collecting or handling funds. The customer places their own order and then pays directly to us through our secure site. By entering a code at the time of the purchase that identifies your campaign, your school, group, or organization is credited with the sale.

Finally, we will also package all orders and deliver to your designated address grouped by seller’s name. It is also possible for us to ship directly to the customer, saving you all the hassle of arranging delivery.

Contact you rep and start fundraising online today!


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