Great Fundraising Catalogs = A Great Fundraiser!


One of the most important aspects of any fundraiser is the appeal of the products you have to offer. No matter how energetic the students, team members, or the group members may be, if the products aren’t exciting, the fundraiser is going to fall short of your goals.

At Mixed Bag Designs, we understand how frustrating it can be to see a well-organized fundraiser end up ineffective at raising money. This is why we have a different approach. From our support of your fundraising committee to the high quality and appeal of our fundraising catalogs, we can help ensure your fundraiser is a success!

Let’s focus on the way we organize and market our items through our online fundraising catalogs. We have carefully developed these catalogs to have a wide appeal that is a proven winner over years of working with diverse fundraising customers, from schools to non-profits to sports teams and clubs.

Real Catalog Experience

Looking through web pages with hundreds of items randomly scattered across the site is boring, and not at-all inspiring. It also doesn’t highlight the beauty of the items, or their unique attributes.

With our fundraising catalogs, you will immediately notice a difference. They are designed to be virtual catalogs: you can page through them, hearing each page turn just like with a printed catalog!

This makes browsing through our online catalogs a very unique experience. It is fun and interesting, and it is only the start of our differences as an online-fundraising company.

Beautiful Photographs

We have created fun, interesting, and carefully selected photographs to highlight each of our items. This gives people viewing online a good idea of how the item will look, and how it can be used.

Stylish, modern and fun, these photos are a great marketing tool, and one the sets our online fundraising catalogs apart from the competition. Of course, the seller packages also contain these same great images in our printed catalogs, allowing your sellers to market online, as well as to people who prefer placing an order through our physical order forms.

Finally, we our Bags & Accessories and Kitchen & Home options are available in both Fall and Spring editions. This choice allows you to focus on marketing for a specific fundraising theme.

Get Started With Mixed Bag Designs Fundraising Today! Click here to read more about our programs. From here you can request more info or even sign up for a fundraiser! To find and contact your local sales rep directly, click here.

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