Improving Fundraising Efforts: Tips for Success!


We’re certain that you’ve been part of a school, group, or organization that’s held a fundraiser that turned out to be a disaster. This is not surprising! The amount of coordination necessary to pull off a successful fundraiser is monumental!

At Mixed Bag Designs we have the experience of being moms involved in fundraisers, and we witnessed our fair share of poorly managed fundraising campaigns. This personal experience has given us the knowledge necessary to create a formula for easy fundraisers, that can be completely customized to your needs!

Use Our Professionals

One of the biggest issues with fundraisers is that the parents involved in schools, teams, and groups rarely have much experience in the sales, marketing, other organization-and-management of complex ordering processes.

At Mixed Bag Designs we offer a team of professionals that are here to give you the help, support, and advice you need at every step of your fundraiser. Having someone to call for information, or to get practical planning tips, can turn even the most difficult events into easy fundraisers that exceed expectations. Read more about our fundraisers here and click here to find your local Mixed Bag Designs rep!

Use Online Ordering

Another way to construct easy fundraisers is to encourage your customers to place their own orders online, through our retail site. They will simply use your unique fundraiser code to place the order, ensuring your group, school or organization gets the credit.

With this option, you can even eliminate having to deliver orders. Our team can box your customer’s orders, and ship them directly to the customer. This really is the easiest-possible option, and it virtually eliminates the need to handle the products or to process orders.

This is also an ideal way to keep track of sales, and to determine what items are currently hot. This information is very valuable when it comes time to plan your next fundraiser.

Keep it Short

The longer a fundraiser lasts, the more potential there is for complications, and problems. While there is no magic number, most organizations try to run fundraisers for about ten days to two weeks.

By keeping it short the enthusiasm stays up for the sellers, and the customers understand there is a deadline, and don’t procrastinate in placing orders.  Additionally, the volunteers have only a short period of time to stay focused on the fundraiser.

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