School Fundraiser Incentive Ideas


Fundraising is essential and has been around for decades, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t any new ideas or any classics that can’t be updated. Adding simple incentives to your fundraiser will add excitement and encourage student participation. They are a great way to motive and generate more sales. Schools that use additional fundraiser incentives accomplish 2 things: one, the increase in student participation and two encouraging those who already participate to sell more.

Here are a few school fundraiser incentive ideas.

Offer a Raffle Drawing and announce raffle prize winners at least 3 times throughout the sale. By announcing winners over the PA system will inspire more students to get involved and will help keep up the excitement as well as the sales.

Raffle Prizes

  • Certificate to be 1st in line for lunch
  • Reserved front row seats for school productions
  • Certificate to get out of ‘running the mile’ in gym class
  • Certificate to wear a hat to school
  • Homework Passes
  • “Principal for an Hour” coupon
  • Win a chance to have sack lunch with the Principal or teacher of your choice
  • Certificate for free book at the Book Fair

Incentive Ideas

  • Key chains
  • $5 Gift Card (iTunes, Target, restaurant)
  • Small donations from other local shops and businesses
  • Have a “Wall of Fame” for participants selling 1, 5, 10 items

Get Your Principal Involved

  • Everyone, including teachers will wear pajamas to school one day
  • School will cancel homework one FULL day
  • Entire school will end the day early in order to watch a video in the classroom
  • Principal will have to run the mile in gym class
  • Principal or popular teacher agrees to be “duct taped” to the wall
  • Principal or teacher(s) agree to dye their hair blue or school colors
  • Principal as the mascot

Top Seller Prizes

  • Reserved parking for special events, i.e. concerts, graduation
  • Prime parking space for 1 month
  • Gift Certificate for dinner and a movie
  • Free Yearbook

Remember to offer incentives and prizes throughout the fundraiser to gain momentum and build enthusiasm. Fundraisers are only effective if students are excited. Be creative and have fun when considering all the incentive ideas and options out there. When you use incentives, everyone wins.

Check out our other fundraiser resources on our website and consider Mixed Bag Designs for your next fundraiser!

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