Holiday Gifts to Make a Successful Fall Fundraiser

Fundraising for the Holidays

You might be thinking “It’s too early to think about the holidays,” but did you realize there are only 13 more Sundays until Christmas? It doesn’t sound that far off anymore, does it? Catalog fundraisers are a versatile and easy way to earn money for your school, group or cause. However, some times of the year are easier than others to urge supporters to purchase products to help your organization. At Mixed Bag Designs we’ve found that Fall fundraisers are the most profitable time to run a catalog sale. What’s one of the biggest reasons? Holiday gifts!

Shopping for holiday gifts while also supporting a fundraiser is a great way to knock a couple “to-dos” off your list while helping a great cause. In addition, shopping from a catalog or through our online store to support a fundraiser saves the hassle of shopping at crowded malls or fighting traffic.

The 13 weeks remaining before Christmas is enough time to sign up for a fundraiser, order supplies, promote and wrap up a fundraiser with plenty of time to receive orders before holiday break.

We’d like to share our top holiday gifts from the Fall 2016 catalogs. Please share these gift ideas with sellers and parents as you get ready to kick off your fundraiser!

Accessory Trays and Jewelry
Accessories Tray | $19, Jewelry | $15. Accessories trays are a charming addition to a dresser, nightstand or vanity. Perfect for jewelry, loose change, keys and more. And our simple jewelry pieces are an easy fit into any wardrobe.
Metallic Tote
Metallic Faux Leather Tote | $39. Metallics are a perfect fit for the holidays. Whether you choose silver or bronze, both come out winners!
Jar Candles | $28. A classic gift for a reason. Available in three scrumptious scents, our candles make a great gift for anyone!
metallic bottle
Metallic Bottle | $25. Metallics are back again! Our bottles are perfect for water, coffee or tea.
holiday kitchenware
Ramekin | $9 each, Cutting Board & Knife | $29, Salt & Pepper Shakers | $12. Create a picture-perfect holiday display with these sweet kitchen items.
stoneware dishes
Small Stoneware Dish | $12, Large Stoneware Dish | $25. Make a homemade bread or cake in one of our stoneware bowls. Wrap up the treat to make a delicious gift – then your recipient will have a beautiful dish to keep after the food is gone!
Feeling festive? Try one of our holiday scarves on for size!
Feeling festive? Try one of our holiday scarves on for size!
Now that you have all your gifts taken care of, finish it off with beautiful gift wrap - we've got you covered!
Now that you have all your gifts taken care of, finish it off with beautiful gift wrap – we’ve got you covered!

To see all of our products, visit our online store. To read more about Mixed Bag Designs fundraising, click here. Ready to sign up? Click here!

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