Get Creative with Fall Fundraising Ideas


While there are occasions to be charitable all year long, fall provides several unique opportunities to get creative. The weather is just right, kids are in school and everyone is back from their vacations. The list of venues for your fall fundraising ideas are in great abundance, from a school cafeteria to your own backyard. If you are not getting the results you need with door-to-door fundraising, it is time to get creative. Consider supplementing these ideas into your Mixed Bag Designs fundraiser.

Pumpkin Carving Contest
A great way to get donations is through registration fees for the contest. You can have participants bring their own pumpkins or enlist the help of local farmers.

Harvest Festival
If you are interested in hosting a bigger fundraiser that will attract a large number of supporters, a harvest festival is a wonderful way to raise awareness for your cause. In addition to selling tickets for admission, you can also rent out booth space to a variety of vendors. Offer brand promotion on merchandise and T-shirts in exchange for sponsorship from local businesses and organizations.

If your area already puts on a festival each year, then try reaching out to the officials of that festival in order to form a partnership, rent a booth at the event or crate an activity that is related to your cause that will engage the crowd and provide a platform to ask for donations.

Put on a Show
Put on a play with local talent, your staff and volunteers. Shakespeare has a long list of plays from which you can choose, yet Macbeth is a popular show for this time of year. You can sell tickets to the show and earn additional funds by selling concessions during intermission.

You could also host a free movie night and use donated equipment to screen a favorite family movie outdoors. While you cannot charge people to watch the film, you can sell merchandise, ask for donations and sell concessions. There are quite a large number of family-friendly films that are perfect for showing in the fall.

Regardless of the fall fundraising ideas that you choose, the goal is to reach as many people as possible. Here at Mixed Bag Designs, we have all the great merchandise you need to add a fashionable touch to your fundraiser. Contact your local rep today for more fundraising information.

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