Growth of FUNdraising Success


You have the cause, the idea, and the enthusiasm to run an effective fundraiser. Of course, it is easier said than done. No matter how big or how small the fundraiser is, the process is always the same. There are multiple factors that contribute to a successful fundraiser and it starts with proper planning.

Watch your fundraiser grow by following these 4 easy steps.

Step 1: Set up a fundraiser
Start by picking your dates. Planning a fundraiser around an event; such as Back to School or Parent Night, can help boost participation. After you register as a Fundraiser Chair on Mixed Bag Designs website (or sign in if you are an existing customer), follow the instructions to sign our fundraiser agreement. Now that you are registered, it’s time to start recruiting volunteers to help with your fundraiser. They are important and will save you money. Offer signup sheets for each task or create a digital version through Break down the larger jobs into smaller increments. Don’t be afraid to ask! For a complete list of fundraising tasks and volunteer tips click here.

Step 2: Promote with display kit & marketing tools 
Get the word out! Order your seller packets and display kit by logging in to your dashboard, clicking your current signed fundraiser, and following our easy ordering steps. Create a strong visual display and place the products in popular, high-traffic areas where parents will see them. Organize a short assembly to kick off your fundraiser. Once your fundraiser has started, it’s time to sell. Share a link with your fundraiser ID (link instructions here) on your social media channels with our downloadable graphics. Also, remember to send out emails to encourage family and friends to support your fundraiser by shopping online. You can request a custom email here.

Step 3: Get orders in and reward students for participating
We offer our own prize program, but you can also add other fun incentives to engage and increase participation. Create some excitement and explain how easy it is to sell and win prizes. Host a raffle and have announcements about the winners to motivate participation. Present a large motivator prize to get participants excited. We also offer rewards to teachers whose classrooms reach 50% participation or higher! Click here to download the Teacher Rewards flyer. When it’s time to close your fundraiser, review all orders entered.

    • If you are collecting and entering orders, go to your Dashboard and click on your In Progress fundraiser. Create a new seller and start entering. You will want to work with a partner; it helps keep track of each order!
    • To close your fundraiser, go to your Dashboard and click on your In Progress fundraiser. Then click the “Close My Fundraiser” button.

Main order will ship within 2 weeks of date we receive payment. However, people can still shop online to support your fundraiser even after you’ve closed your catalog sale. You will continue to earn 40% profit on online sales unto the end of the season.

Step 4: Enjoy your profit
Give yourself a pat on the back and reap the rewards.

Make your next fundraiser stylish and successful with Mixed Bag Designs. Contact your local rep and get started now!


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