Mixed Bag Designs Fundraiser Testimonials

Mixed Bag Designs Fundraiser Testimonials

Reading customer surveys gives us great insight on how to make Mixed Bag Designs the best fundraising choice in the industry. Of course we always work to improve customer experience (like our recently new & improved fundraising website), but we continue to receive great feedback from our customers! Here are a few reasons why a Mixed Bag Designs fundraiser will S-O-A-R.

  • Success and style
    • “Thank you for everything you help me with, the company is stellar and you are too.  Enjoy this fundraiser so much, love that every year the response from the customer is ‘wow, they always have something new to look at.’  I am thankful for your great product development because this annual fundraiser is always very successful for the kids!!” – A school fundraiser in Michigan
  • Orders sorted by seller = easy distribution and little need for volunteers
    • “Thank you so much for allowing us to do this fundraiser to help so many kids go to summer camp who couldn’t go otherwise.  It was a wonderful surprise to open the boxes and find everything separated and ready to hand out to the sellers, this made my job so easy.  We are looking forward to maybe doing another fundraiser around Christmas.” – A group fundraiser in California
  • A-typical and unique, in the best way possible!
    • “You are doing a great job. Received many positive comments on how the orders were individually wrapped…people thought I would need to sort out items and bundle – I told them it wasn’t like Girl Scout cookies!” – A historical society in Michigan
  • Reliable choice that continues to excite customers season after season.
    • “We love Mixed Bags! its our best fundraiser, people are always asking us about it, can’t wait until we do the next one. Seriously there isn’t anything that you could improve on.”  – A Cheer Team in Kentucky

To read more about fundraising with Mixed Bag Designs, click here. We’ve run thousands of successful fundraisers – let us help you run your most successful fundraiser yet!


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