Tips For A Successful Gift Wrap Fundraiser


Timing is Essential

Although gift wrap is used throughout the year for various holidays and birthdays, it is most closely associated with the Holiday season. By planning the event in the early autumn and then having the sale in October – early November, you can have the holiday gift paper, bags and ribbon ready for delivery to your customers in December.

Waiting too late is going to reduce the amount of sales as many people buy presents and gift wrap well in advance of the holiday. This really makes the October – early November window ideal.

However, it is a good idea to include more than just Holiday gift wrap in the fundraiser. A Mixed Bag Designs fundraiser is a great option since our catalogs include gift wrap AND an assortment of other items including totes, accessories, kitchen gadgets and more. You will find that buyers will stock up on gift wrap for birthdays and special events at the same time that they are buying for the holidays. Some all occasion types of gift wrap are always handy to have around the house and many people will stock up on this when shopping for holiday paper.

Of course, gift wrap can also be part of a general fundraising event at any time of the year. If you are doing a fundraiser with a theme, consider gift wrap that will match that theme.

Quality Paper is a Top Seller

A gift wrap fundraiser is a popular option for a school or group because it tends to be easier to organize and very well received in any community. If there are several schools or groups that will be doing fundraisers, it is a good idea to try to find a company that is different from the traditional suppliers.

Quality paper as a gift wrap fundraiser that is different from the typical lightweight and common patterns is always important. This sets your fundraiser apart from others. With high quality paper and many designs to choose from, you will provide your customers with the best gift wrap they could get their hands on.

Remember, don’t forget to include other options as well. Ribbon, storage boxes and gift bag sets all make terrific additions to gift wrap that will assist in boosting sales and appealing to more people. That’s a wrap!

Sign up for a Mixed Bag Designs fundraiser today, or if you need more info click here to find your local sales rep!

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