How to Utilize Teachers in Your Fundraiser to Boost Participation

blog-teacherrewardideasTeachers work hard every day, so during your fundraising campaign you may hesitate to ask too much of them. However, we have a great Teacher Rewards Programs that will both enthuse and reward teachers for their efforts. We also have expert advice on other creative ways to rally teachers’ help during your fundraiser.

Our methods have successfully boosted seller participation, fostered playful competition, and instilled a positive and forward-thinking outlook during fundraising campaigns.

Here’s a checklist on how to involve teachers in the fundraising process to boost participation:

  • Utilize our Teacher Rewards Program! Teachers who reach 50% classroom fundraiser participation receive a $50 Mixed Bag Designs gift card. If they reach 75% participation they receive a $100 gift card!
  • Download, print and distribute copies of our Teacher Rewards Form to teachers. Do this about a week before the fundraiser begins.
  • Use our discounted Teacher Bags as a free gift for teachers. 10 bags cost just $30, and many of our fundraiser bonuses include FREE teacher bags. The bags are the perfect size for collecting orders, so they can sit on the teacher’s desk as a colorful fundraiser reminder.
  • We recommend schools creating their own set of teacher prizes to sweeten the deal.
    • Here are some easy ideas that are either affordable or free that reward teachers for achieving high classroom participation:
      • An extra long lunch break
      • A free massage at a local spa
      • Premiere parking for a week
      • Free lunch
      • A gift card from a local business – Examples include coffee shop gift card, movie theater or favorite restaurants
      • A day off (hire a substitute teacher for a day)
      • Themed gift basket, such as Movie Night (movie tickets, popcorn and candy) or Coffee Addict (coffee shop gift card, “Best Teacher” mug, ground coffee)
      • Free car wash
      • Breakfast delivery for a week
      • Classroom decorations
      • Earn a teachers helper/aide for the day
      • Students write nice notes to the teacher and present in a book
      • Free babysitting, house sitting or pet sitting for a weekend
      • No lunch or recess duty
      • Flowers on the desk from someone’s garden
      • Permission to leave the building at lunch time for lunch off campus
      • In snowy areas, scrape ice or remove snow from the teacher’s car if it snows during the school day
      • CLICK HERE to download a flyer with these great school-run teacher reward ideas!
    • Here are free ideas that teachers can use to reward their classroom for participating. The more the class participates, the more rewards the TEACHER can earn!
      • Teacher dresses up in a funny costume for the day
      • Get a No Homework Pass
      • Have a class period outside
      • Play with sidewalk chalk at recess
      • Host a Show and Tell
      • Bring a toy to school they can leave on their desk that day
      • Play a class game
      • Teacher volunteers to be dropped in a dunk tank
      • Facepainting party
      • Top seller can sit at the teacher’s desk for an afternoon
      • Listen to music while working
      • Dress up day – pajama day, crazy hair day, superhero day
      • Dance party
      • Class party – ask volunteers to donate snacks
      • Play a movie on a Friday afternoon
      • Eat lunch outside on a sunny day
      • Earn extra computer time
      • Wear a paper crown for the day
      • Wear slippers all day
      • Extra arts and crafts time
      • Blow bubbles at recess
      • Classroom karaoke
      • Get to read morning announcements
      • Get a special mention on the morning announcements
      • Kids can sit wherever they want for the day
      • Be featured on a photo recognition board
      • Top seller gets to be the first one in the lunch line
      • Decorate the classroom door
      • Earn a gift certificate – free certificate templates are available online
      • Eat a snack in class
      • Select a friend as a “study buddy” on an in-class work assignment
      • Draw on the chalk board
      • Work on a class mural or art project
      • Class kickball game
      • Paper airplane contest
      • Take shoes off for the day
      • Share favorite kid-friendly YouTube videos for an hour
      • CLICK HERE to download a flyer with these great teacher-run student reward ideas!
  • Encourage playful competition between teachers with a tally list in the Teachers Lounge! This will keep the fundraiser fresh in teachers minds.
  • Don’t forget to check out our Teacher Appreciation Pinterest Board for gift ideas that are sure to show teachers how much you value their efforts!
  • In our Fundraiser Resources section of our website, we have a Teacher Zone and so much more!

teacher prize ideas

student prizes

We hope these ideas help you run your best fundraiser yet! There are plenty of fun ways to keep both sellers and staff members excited about your school fundraiser.

If you haven’t already, sign up today or if you need more info, find your local rep!

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