Our Spring Fundraiser Prizes are Bigger & Better than Ever!

Fundraiser Prizes

When it comes to school fundraisers, fundraiser prizes are just as important as the products in the catalogs. Pushing students to sell can be a bit like wrangling cats, but if you have well-planned incentives and a great prize program your fundraiser will be much more successful.

One of the reasons Mixed Bag Designs is the best school fundraiser around is we offer a variety of free, cumulative prize programs to suit different seller ages. In addition, a Fundraiser Chair can purchase additional incentives for as little as $.05 each to offer as daily prizes, or to put in a treasure chest that students can pick from every time they turn in an order. Talk to your sales rep about purchasing these affordable additional prizes. A winning fundraiser plan includes our free cumulative prize program and some additional incentives to keep the daily excitement going.

Here are some of our best NEW prizes from the Spring 2017 Elementary/Preschool prize program:

Fundraiser Prize - Robot
A remote control robot that self-balances, has different modes, and can even carry a little tray!
Fundraiser Prize - Light-Up Shoelaces
These light-up shoelaces change colors and have different settings. Kids will love wearing these in the dark!
Fundraiser Prize - Smart Watch
This Smart Watch has fun apps and can connect via Bluetooth to a kid’s Smart Phone!

Watch the video below to see our Elementary Prize Program in action!

Curious about our Middle School/Groups Prize Program? We have a video highlighting that option too – see below!

In addition to our cumulative prizes and affordable additional incentives, we reward teachers for achieving high classroom participation! Click here to read more about our Teacher Rewards Program, and other ways to utilize teachers to boost participation even more.

We know how important student participation is to a fundraiser’s success, so Mixed Bag Designs goes above and beyond to give you the toys, tools and tips you need to make your next fundraiser the best one yet!

Click here to read more about Mixed Bag Designs Fundraising, or get in touch with your Sales Rep today!

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