Boost Fundraiser Participation with our Connectibles Program!

Connectibles Incentives

Encouraging kids to participate in a fundraiser can be a challenge, but not if you are prepared with the right incentive techniques! We are excited to offer all fundraisers the opportunity to purchase affordable incentives to award to sellers in addition to the free prize program already included in your fundraiser! The biggest incentive success stories come from customers who utilize our Connectibles lanyards and charms.

When a seller turns in their first order, award them with the lanyard featuring a large emoji medallion. These are just $.40 each! From there, every time an order is turned in, give them an emoji charm. Charms are $.08 each, and they hook onto the lanyard, and to each other. The more orders a seller turns in, the longer their chain of charms becomes!

How to Use Connectibles in your Fundraiser:

  • When ordering your seller packets, purchase lanyards equal to about 15% of your fundraiser participants, and 100-150 charms to start.
  • When a participant’s 1st order is turned in, reward them with a lanyard.
  • Each additional time an order is turned in, give the seller a charm.
  • Kids love competing for who gets the longest chain of charms – that means more fundraiser participation!

Real Success Stories:

  • Before utilizing additional incentives, a California school’s last two fundraisers raised $6900. When additional incentives were used, they raised $11,400!
  • Before utilizing additional incentives, another school raised $3260. When using Connectibles they raised $6893.

Besides our Connectibles lanyards and charms, we have a variety of other incentives available to purchase, with prices starting at just $.05! That means 100 students could be rewarded for participating for as little at $5! Click here to see all available prizes. A small investment in extra incentives will help make your fundraiser a big success!


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