How to Run a Successful Music or Band Fundraiser

Music and Band Fundraisers

Any parent whose child is in a band, choir or music group knows it can get expensive! Between uniforms, equipment and travel fees for competitions, holding fundraisers can be necessary to help with costs. Busy parent and teacher schedules make planning music fundraising events a challenge, but a Mixed Bag Designs fundraiser is a great option to supplement your music budget with minimal impact on your day-to-day life.

8 Reasons Why Mixed Bag Designs is the Best Music Fundraiser Choice:

  • High Profit
    • Earn up to 50% profit if you run a catalog fundraiser! If you choose a catalog sale, we would send you catalogs with order forms, and orders are input online. Earn 40% profit from online fundraiser sales. Our profit margins are unbeatable when it comes to product fundraising!
  • Catalog/Online Combo Fundraiser or Online Only Fundraiser Available
    • Every catalog fundraiser also includes online sales – the best of both worlds! Online orders ship directly to the supporter, and catalog orders ship together (separated by seller) to one address. Online sales allow out-of-town friends and family to easily support your cause.
    • If you’d rather skip the catalogs, choose an online only fundraiser; once it’s up and running, a supporter just needs to enter your fundraiser ID when they make a purchase and you earn 40% of the sale – it’s that easy!
  • EASY
    • A Mixed Bag Designs music fundraiser will be the easiest fundraiser you’ve ever run. With helpful Fundraising Consultants and no upfront costs, getting started is fast and hassle-free. Catalog order entry can be done by the Chair with our fast and modern website, or we can do it for you!
  • Great Products
    • A fundraiser is nothing unless the products are easy-to-sell. Mixed Bag Designs fundraising catalogs and website feature over 300 items to choose from! We have durable reusable bags, stylish totes, tech accessories, kitchen gadgets and so much more. Prices start at less than $10, so there’s something for everyone, at every budget.
  • Free Prizes
    • Your choir, music or band members will be encouraged to promote their fundraiser once they see the prizes they could earn! Our free prize program is included with every fundraiser, and offers an additional incentive to sellers to boost fundraiser participation.
  • Lots of Free Promotional Tools
    • From our Fundraiser Resources Page, find helpful promotion tools including flyers, parent letters, social media graphics, custom emails and more! Everything is free, professionally designed, and makes promoting your fundraiser easy.
  • Online Sales Earn You Profits All Season Long
    • Supporters anywhere in the U.S.A. can support your music fundraiser online for the rest of the fundraiser season! Even after a catalog sale is over, anyone can shop and add your fundraiser ID before purchasing, and you will earn 40% of their sale.
  • Proven Success! Check out real quotes, from real customers:
    • “You’re doing an amazing job! Keep up the great work and I look forward to working with you next year. I will be sharing your company with everyone I know!”
    • “It’s always a joy to work with you guys! It’s just so easy to handle since we have limited volunteers.”
    • “This fundraiser helped so many kids go to summer camp who couldn’t go otherwise. It was a wonderful surprise to find everything separated & ready to hand out to the sellers, this made my job so easy. We look forward to doing another fundraiser!”

Get started today, or find your local rep if you have any questions. Be sure to ask about our fundraiser bonuses you could earn for signing up today!


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