How to Raise Funds for College

Raise Funds for College

With college costs skyrocketing, thinking about financing your degree can be overwhelming. The average class of 2016 graduate has $37,172 in student loan debt, up six percent from last year (Student Loan Hero). While student loans are a necessary evil for over 70% of college students, we are here to help you reduce the amount you borrow.

Sell Mixed Bag Designs products for an online personal fundraiser. You earn 40% of every item you sell! Directly asking your network for money can be awkward, but an ongoing fundraiser allows friends and family to shop for themselves (like they would anyway) while 40% of the sale goes to you. Our products are pretty, practical and affordable, making them an easy sell. Our most popular items are tote bags, kitchen gadgets and gift wrap, but we also have accessories, candles, great gifts and more. Check ’em out!

To easily raise up to $1000’s of dollars to help with tuition, textbooks and more, do what you do best – tech it out! Use your tech-savvy skills to market to your friends, family and broader community network. Here are some sure-fire outreach techniques to help you earn fundraiser support:

  • Facebook Blitz – Post about once a month to remind your friends that they can support your college fund and get something fun for themselves while doing so.
  • Email Bonanza – Email about every month and a half to your top friends and family. Make sure to share a custom link that includes your personal fundraiser ID (how to create custom link)
  • Text-Off – Occasionally shoot select a quick text about supporting your fundraiser. Again, send the custom link that adds your ID! Texting is a personal way to reach out – consider texting friends with pictures of items you think they personally would love, or text around the holidays with Mixed Bag Designs gift ideas. Avoid “form texts” at all costs to avoid appearing impersonal.
  • Instagram Boost – Instagram your favorite Mixed Bag Designs products every now and then and explain how to shop the website and support your fundraiser in the caption.
  • Flyer Fever – Sometimes old school methods can yield surprising results! Consider dropping off some flyers with some Mixed Bag product highlights and brief instructions on how to shop and support your college fund.

Communication Tips:

  • Keep it simple and transparent. Your post can be as simple as “Did you know that if you purchase from with my personal ID XXXXXX 40% of the sale will go towards helping me with college costs? Another reason to treat yourself! :D”
  • Make it about more than just the sale. Try to be as personal as possible in your outreach, and avoid transparent “sales pitches.” Since you are raising money to help with college costs, consider sharing updates about how the money raised so far has helped with costs to show how useful any contribution really is.
  • Don’t be pushy. No one “owes you” their financial support, so make sure you don’t cause your network to feel obligated or guilted into making a purchase. Remember that this is a supplemental FUN way to help with college costs, so while it’s important to keep friends and family informed, do not be pushy about it.
  • Avoid only contacting people when promoting your fundraiser. If you do not talk to certain people on a regular basis, they probably aren’t the best person to contact JUST about supporting your fundraiser. If you only contact them to ask them for support, they could start to feel used and a bit pressured.  
  • Utilize the holidays and upcoming events. Product round-ups around the holidays are a great way to put gift ideas in your network’s head! Christmas is an easy time to showcase your favorite gift ideas at different price-points. Mother’s Day is another great opportunity to get gift-giving on people’s minds.
  • Think about what’s popular in your region and tie it into your sale. A great example is California’s ban on single-use plastic bags – this new law is great opportunity to push the durable reusable bags Mixed Bag Designs offers. If you are promoting to fellow college students, storage products like our shower tote or foldable bins are practical and relevant purchases. Have a lot of sporty friends and family? Consider showcasing our duffle bags and travel items.
  • Be thankful! Remember to thank everyone who supports your fundraiser with a personal message. Remind them what their generosity has contributed to supporting.

Email to get started!

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