Fun Fundraising Ideas to Help You Reach Your Goals Quickly

Fun Fundraising Ideas

Organizing a fundraiser to raise money for a good cause can be a fun learning experience for all involved! Whether you are running a fundraiser alone or are working as a team, fundraising can be very worthwhile. You will most likely form stronger bonds with the people you work with and will make new connections that could even help you out in the future. Of course, for the fundraiser to be a success, you must think carefully about how to set it up and what to sell. Here are some helpful, fun fundraising ideas:

Sell Electronic Accessories
Today, electronics such as smartphones and tablets are more prevalent than ever before. There are several little accessories you could sell at your fundraiser that not only feature fun patterns and colors, but are also very useful. For example, tech belts are large enough to hold most smartphones, and are in high demand. This staple Mixed Bag Designs product makes it easy to rock your best look whether you’re working out or going out; the hands-free bag is perfect for keeping your phone, keys, and other essentials close within reach. Another great tech product perfect for travel are zip cord cases, which make it easy to keep earbuds tangle-free while on the go.

Sell Reusable Shopping Bags
Fun fundraising ideas that also help make a positive difference in the world are the best ideas! People are becoming more aware of the huge amount of plastic that is wasted every day. Worldwide, 2 million disposable plastic bags are used each minute. When these plastic bags are thrown away, they can cause a lot of damage to the environment, and pose a hazard to wildlife. Therefore, reusable shopping bags are becoming very popular. By selling reusable shopping bags, you can show people that you care about the environment while simultaneously raising money for your fundraiser.

Sell Kitchen Gadgets & More
Fundraising catalogs that feature a wide assortment of items make it easy for everyone to support your fundraiser. With a variety of fundraising products and price points, Mixed Bag Designs catalogs include everything from kitchen gadgets, gift wrap, totes, tech gadgets and more. Some top-selling kitchen gadgets include a portable blender, veggie chopper, and kitchen towels.

Check out the Mixed Bag Designs Fall catalogs and start planning your next fundraiser!

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