Jack Johnson’s Top 10 Plastic Free Tips


At Mixed Bag Designs, we continuously support lasting change within our communities. We want to help support organizations like the Johnson Ohana Foundation, San Onofre Parks Foundation and other nonprofits in their efforts to reduce our plastic footprint. Our eco-friendly bags and company values align with the Johnson Ohana Foundation, particularly the All at Once action network and their plastic free initiative.

Forget paper or plastic, below are 10 easy ways on you can start reducing your waste in your every day life. We have taken our top reusable products and have paired it with Jack Johnson’s Top 10 Plastic Free Tips.

1. Bag It – “Although hundreds of American cities have also banned plastic bags, the majority have not. You don’t have to wait for a ban to make the change.” Start by bringing our Reusable Foldable Grocery Bags. Perfect for trips to the store, errands, and everywhere in between!

2. Take Back the Tap – “Plastic water bottles aren’t just a waste, they may also be harmful to your health.” Use our Silicone Heart Water Bottles (Blue, Orange) to hydrate and feel great!

3. Ditch the Zip – “Ditch zip-top bags and plastic wrap for packing up leftovers.” Securely store your foods and safely reheat in the microwave with our Collapsible Silicone Containers. collapsiblestorage600

4. Pack a Waste-Free Lunch – “Go old school…get a retro lunch box and fill it with real food, not a bunch of stuff sealed in plastic.” Savor the flavor with our insulated Thermos and Lunch Tote.

5. Drift Away from Plastic Packaging – “When shopping, buy fewer items packaged in plastic…and pack your veggies loose and plastic free” in our eco-friendly Grocery Store and Drug Store Bags (Black, Pink).

6. Re-Imagine Take Out – “Whether you are ordering take out at a Thai Food restaurant or buying your daily cup of coffee, make sure to leave the house with your own glassware or stainless steel take away containers.” Don’t be shy, just ask them to please pack it sustainably in our Stoneware Bowls with Lids (Orange, Blue, Green, White) or Mugs with Lids (Orange, Blue, Green).

7. Straws are for Suckers – “Do you really need that straw? Bartenders and servers will often give you one by default. When you order, remember to tell them, ‘No straw, please.’” Our Stainless Steel Metallic H20 Bottles (Teal, Rose) are well-designed and straw-free.

Mixed Bag Designs

8. Party Plastic-Free -“Treat guests to reusable party ware instead of disposable plates, cups, and cutlery…or try serving finger foods that don’t need utensils. If you throw a BYOB party, have friends BYOC.” Serve your party in style with our Stainless Steel Bowls Set of 3. They are a sleek design and will match any decor.

Mixed Bag Designs

9. Clean Up Your Soap Situation – “Consider using bar soaps and powders that come with less plastic packaging. If you use liquid, buy in bulk and refill soap containers.” Our Scrubber Sponges Set of 4 can be used over and over again. A little liquid goes a long way. They can even be cleaned in your dishwasher to really last longer in your kitchen.


10. Get Active – Support groups like Upstream Foundation that advocate for positive change in the community and in the world. Your individual actions make a difference. Capture your commitment today!


Simplify your life with less plastic and help us in our efforts to support the Johnson Ohana Foundation. Click here to shop our website to find the products listed above and other eco-friendly items that will reduce plastic in your day-to-day. Make conscious purchasing decisions and let your voice be heard!

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