How to Help Your Kids Remember Their Stuff

Ready for School Tips

Busy kids and parents alike means keeping track of all your to-dos is a bigger challenge than ever. Homework, permission slips, gym clothes, lunch, class projects – the list never ends. To avoid last-minute scrambling before ushering the kids out the door, we have an easy tip to help keep you and your kids organized. This technique will ensure planning ahead. No more “Shoot, I forgot _________!”

Think Inside the Box

Ready for School Bin
Our Double Trunk Bin is the perfect Ready for School Bin! Featured Mixed Bag Designs products include a foldable backpack, lunch bag, water bottle, tech/pencil case, and thermos.

The night before school, get in the habit of you and your child gathering everything they will need for the school day in a storage bin. To encourage your child to be independently prepared, create a checklist with them. Keep a stack of empty checklists printed, and the night before school have your child go through the list and check whatever items they’ll be needing for the impending school day.

Click here to download a checklist template

Checklist suggestions:

  • Tomorrow’s clothes
  • Gym clothes
  • Homework
  • Show and tell item
  • Permission slip
  • Class project
  • Lunch money
  • Books
  • Other ____________

Before you know it, going through their list will become part of their nighttime routine, and make your morning routine much smoother. If you test out our tip, we’d love to hear about it! Tag your Ready for School Bin photos on our Facebook page or tag us on Instagram @mixedbags.

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