How to Promote Your Fundraiser on Nextdoor

How to Use Nextdoor to Promote Your Fundraiser

Are you on Nextdoor? If not, you should be! Nextdoor is a free neighborhood social network app that connects you with your local community.

Nextdoor is the perfect outlet for promoting your fundraiser. Here are some posting tips + 4 easy steps on how to use Nextdoor to boost your fundraiser sales:

Posting Tips:

  • Share your goals: Make sure to state the fundraiser goal, how the money will be used, important dates, and fundraiser ID.
  • Include a call to action: Help your network take the next step. Always include a call-to-action
    such as “click here to shop now,” “share this” or “help spread the word.”
  • Use photos featuring students or organization members to show what makes you special. This will help the community resonate with your cause.

1. Post a Message on Nextdoor

  • If you have not already, go to the App Store and download Nextdoor, or sign up online. To set up an account you will enter in some basic info and connect to your neighborhood.
  • Share a new “Message” PostNext Door Post
  • Sample Message Post – just fill in the blanks:  ________ is running a fundraiser with Mixed Bag Designs! The school receives 40% of each online order, and funds will be used for _______. Supporting us is easy – just shop online at                    . There are hundreds of essential, must-have items to choose from like tote bags, kitchenware & great gifts. Thanks for the support!

2. Post an Event on Nextdoor

  • Select the “Event” post option
  • Set the “Category” to “Fundraisers.”
  • Sample Event Post – just fill in the blanks:

 ______________ is running a Mixed Bag Designs fundraiser, and we are asking for community support. Our fundraising goal is ___________; funds will be used to update our computer lab.

Supporting us is easy! Just shop online at – this link adds our school’s fundraiser ID _______ to your order automatically.

We receive 40% of each order. There are hundreds of essential, everyday items to choose from, including tote bags, kitchenware & gift wrap. Thanks for the support! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out!

Post an Event to Nextdoor3. Engage With Your Neighbors

  • Don’t post messages and events & then forget about them; stay engaged! Reply to comments, ask questions, and be sure to thank everyone who supports your fundraiser.

4. Share Updates

  • Follow up during and after the fundraiser. How close are you to your goal? Did you hit your goal? Let your neighborhood know! Make sure to share any pictures you have of your community to make the post more personal.

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