Social Media is Your Best Friend


When it comes to fundraising, social media is your best friend. Leveraging your network, and your network’s network, will be the key to your success. We have created a Social Media Guide that will help develop your social media strategy and maximize your fundraising potential for your organization.

This hands-on guide will walk you through the steps you need to take to effectively promote your fundraiser online by:

  • Determining which sites you should be active on
  • Identifying key concepts that will effectively craft your post
  • Actionable tips to improve donor engagement on each social platform

Social networks are arguably the best place to fuel your follower base with both new and existing supporters. Engaging your organization’s network through shareable content, storytelling updates, and calls to action are all great reasons why your organization should use social media. The more people you reach, the more are likely to donate to your cause.

Once you have properly set up your fundraising campaign on social media, you will be able to measure the insights every step of the way. Each engagement presents an opportunity to grow your mission and fuel your cause.

To start building a solid foundation for your social media efforts, download our Social Media Guide and visit our resources page for other helpful tools so you can start engaging today.

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