Inspiring Success: Fundraiser Tips & Resources


We asked our most successful school fundraisers to share their secret to their success and the scoop is this: PRIZES! Of course! What a smart way to add excitement to the mix. For school fundraisers, we recommend the following: 

Top Fun-raiser Prize Ideas:

Parties + Perks

  • Anyone who brings in an order is invited to an end-of-fundraiser party
  • Receive a free homework pass
  • Bring in an order and get a special coupon to be first in line that day! Use our Coupon Sheet
  • Free pajama days for sellers who bring in X amount of orders
  • Dress up day – pajama day, crazy hair day, superhero day

Teacher + Principal Bonus’

  • The Principal will dress up in a silly costume if sellers reach their goal
  •  “Silly string” principal or teachers at an assembly if goal reached
  • Top sellers can go out for lunch with teacher or principal
  • Want more ideas? Visit our teacher zone for detailed information on involving teachers in your fundraiser

Gift Cards + Prizes

  • Gift certificates to local businesses (pizzerias, ice cream shops, movie theaters, etc.)
  • iTunes, Amazon or Target gift cards

And if that’s not enough, check out our blog post 60 Free, or Almost Free, School Fundraiser Incentive Ideas.

Ways to Inspire Teachers & Increase Participation:

Give each teacher a sample bag to collect orders, then let them keep it as a thank you at the end of the fundraiser.

The colorful bag attracts attention in the classroom and an extra incentive for teachers to promote bringing seller packets home and bringing orders in. Even better, we offer discounted Teacher Bags (10 bags cost only $30).

Create your own set of teacher prizes that reward classroom participation to sweeten the deal. Some easy and affordable ideas include:

  • An extra-long lunch break
  • Classroom decorations
  • Free lunch at a local restaurant
  • A free massage at a local spa
  • Premiere parking for a week
  • A class pizza party

Invite teachers to create their own FREE prizes for their students to get them excited and provide them a small budget to get creative.

Encourage playful competition between teachers with a tally list in the Teachers’ Lounge! This will keep the fundraiser fresh in teachers’ minds.

For more ideas, check out our blog post How to Utilize Teachers in Your Fundraiser to Boost Participation.

Create a fundraiser today!

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