Greater Heights



Even as a small toddler, young Dylan had above-average upper body strength and was performing physical feats that puzzled and amazed his teachers and relatives. After a local gym came in to teach Dylan’s day care class some simple tumbling moves, Dylan started pulling himself up and flipping around his Texas home. When he did a one-handed cartwheel off of his grandma’s couch and landed on his feet, his mom knew it was time to enroll him in gymnastics. Tumbling, Double Mini and Trampoline became Dylan’s favorite events.

Originally developed in 1934, trampolines were first used as a cross-training and recovery tool for athletes who played other sports, and were later used to train astronauts. But Dylan isn’t looking to fly into the outer reaches of space. At 15, he is the oldest member of his Trampoline and Tumbling team. Dylan’s dream is to someday compete in the Olympics for the Trampoline event. He currently competes at the Junior Elite level but once he is 16, he will be old enough to try out for the Senior Elite teams. Athletes from the Senior Elite team can vie for spots on the Olympic team.

This may come as a surprise to some, but competitive gymnastics is a very expensive sport. Leotard and equipment fees, warm-up fees, coach compensation, tuition, traveling to meets – it all adds up. Families like Dylan’s utilize the fundraising opportunities from Mixed Bag Design to help pay for all the expenses incurred in a single season. This year, Dylan is traveling to Colorado and North Carolina. Next season will bring even more opportunities to compete and travel. The location of these meets is currently unknown, but Dylan is committed and focused on his ultimate destination -a spot on the Olympic team.

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