Fundraising Story: A Safe Place to Play

Jane Banner

Jane’s Fundraising Story

Jane works full time, is a mother of 3, and also helps volunteer at her kid’s school as a PTA board member.

The other day when Jane was on the playground with her kids she noticed that there was a broken swing with chipped paint, and the grass was torn up.

She decided the park could be a safer place to play with a few improvements, so she chose to take action.

She did some searching and found an easy to use fundraising site called Mixed Bag Designs by Boon Supply. She got the support of her PTA board and started an online fundraiser for her school’s yard in minutes. She shared her school’s fundraiser link to invite people to shop stylish and useful everyday essentials.


Jane’s fellow school parents saw the link, clicked through to Jane’s playground fundraising web-store and bought cute totes, inspirational notebooks, and emoji pancake pans for Sunday breakfast.

Not only did they love their new goods 😉, but through their purchases, they helped fund Jane’s playground renovation. Parent’s through the process was so easy and the products were SO perfect they decided to share the fundraiser with all their friends and family members.

40% of every purchase made through Jane’s online fundraiser went right into restoring the school’s outdoor spaces.

In no time, the playground project was fully funded. And Jane, along with her school got together to restore the playground.

Fundraising made easy (& stylish), with Mixed Bag Designs by Boon Supply.


Be like Jane, Fundraise for your Cause

Jane’s success can be your success. Mixed Bag Designs can help you reach your group fundraising goals. Start your campaign in minutes!

Start a fundraiser

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