5 Tips to Boost Your Team Fundraiser


1. Make use of time on the sidelines.

Take advantage of a captive audience of parents to pass out catalogs, pull up your fundraising page on an iPad, as well as display sample products. Share the purpose of your fundraiser (is it for new field equipment, team gear, a coach’s gift) to stir up excitement. Encourage online purchases on the spot rather than at a later date.

2. Get your coach or group leader onboard.

Have group leader promote your fundraiser at practice, games, or events. Give them some top-selling products to share that fit your team’s needs such as our Carryall Tote (perfect for carrying gear) or our insulated coolers (great for team snacks).

3. Plan fundraising events strategically around holidays or special events.

Pick times to fundraise that are relevant to your group. Pop-up displays are great to show off products as “perfect gifts” or “items they need” depending on the time of year. Plan to promote your event when people are already looking to shop, such as holidays, Mother’s Day, or even celebratory times like summer fun.

4. Enlist Team Ambassadors

Gather a group of youth ambassadors to share your MBD fundraiser in person and digitally. Have them inspire the whole team as well as their friends and families to get involved. Hand out some free product or a small prize for their extra effort!

5. Encourage parents to display their MBD purchases daily.

People love our products that practically sell themselves, so make them visible to your community by using them yourself! Our Grocery Store bags are perfect for daily shopping, and our Multi-Pocket Tote or Vegan Leather Tote is a great everyday bag. When people compliment you on your bag (and they will!), tell them about your team’s fundraiser and what you are raising money for. Have a few extra catalogs on hand to hand out with your fundraiser’s custom URL or Fundraiser ID written on it.

Ready to leverage the power of your team? 

Start a Fundraiser

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