About Mixed Bag Designs

Mixed Bag Designs was established in early 2008. Because a trendy, high-quality, unique fundraising company was needed in the market, with only one bag size and six cute designs, the fundraising division took off. Now, over three years later and hundreds of adorable and affordable items, Mixed Bag Designs has helped thousands of organizations across the country raise money for their important causes.

Our company is young enough to be refreshingly different, yet experienced enough to understand how to handle many different types of fundraising opportunities. We take pride in our commitment to make your fundraising experience successful and enjoyable. You can be the first to bring Mixed Bag Designs’ products to your community.

8 thoughts on “About Mixed Bag Designs

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  1. I have customers asking where the bags are made. But I cannot find the information in the catalog or on the website. Yes, you have a designer in California, but who/where is the manufacturer?

      1. The place and name of manufacturer should be disclosed without seeking to contact “customer service”.

      2. Thank you for your comment. Due to the variety of manufacturers we work with both in the USA and overseas, we have not listed out all of these contacts. However we will forward your suggestion to our team and we can put something together.


    1. Hi Krissa,

      I’m glad you like our fashion! Our stylist gets the clothes from a variety of stores like Nordstrom Rack, The Gap, Old Navy and other department stores. Thanks for commenting!

      Cat, Mixed Bag Designs

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