5 Tips to Boost Your Team Fundraiser

1. Make use of time on the sidelines. Take advantage of a captive audience of parents to pass out catalogs, pull up your fundraising page on an iPad, as well as display sample products. Share the purpose of your fundraiser (is it for new field equipment, team gear, a coach’s gift) to stir up excitement.... Continue Reading →

Fundraising Story: A Safe Place to Play

Jane's Fundraising Story Jane works full time, is a mother of 3, and also helps volunteer at her kid’s school as a PTA board member. The other day when Jane was on the playground with her kids she noticed that there was a broken swing with chipped paint, and the grass was torn up. She... Continue Reading →

Keeping Kids Jazzed About Music

Maus Middle School in Frisco, Texas is a public school helping create future success in its students by instilling pride, embracing diversity, and promoting a love of the arts. Their music program is especially popular, with almost 20% of the student body participating in the Maus Orchestra. But with that many students, it puts a... Continue Reading →

Top Fundraising Tips

1. Publicize Early “I wish I had known you were doing a fundraiser, too.” Have you ever heard these words? You can help ensure your friends and loved ones don’t miss out on your fundraiser by making inclusion part of your strategy. As soon as you have a sense of when your fundraiser launches, put... Continue Reading →

Greater Heights

    Even as a small toddler, young Dylan had above-average upper body strength and was performing physical feats that puzzled and amazed his teachers and relatives. After a local gym came in to teach Dylan’s day care class some simple tumbling moves, Dylan started pulling himself up and flipping around his Texas home. When... Continue Reading →


Join the global movement on #GivingTuesday and help us celebrate the power of giving. Now is the perfect moment to purchase something you love AND directly benefit others. We have a few amazing organizations that we are highlighting. Each of the following causes will receive 50% of all online sales. Animal Assisted Happiness | Fundraiser ID: 753641... Continue Reading →

Inspiring Success: Fundraiser Tips & Resources

We asked our most successful school fundraisers to share their secret to their success and the scoop is this: PRIZES! Of course! What a smart way to add excitement to the mix. For school fundraisers, we recommend the following:  Top Fun-raiser Prize Ideas: Parties + Perks Anyone who brings in an order is invited to an end-of-fundraiser... Continue Reading →

Why Everyone Loves Mixed Bag Designs!

What does a fundraising company do? As the name indicates, a fundraising company concentrates on raising funds for your company regardless of where you live. Mixed Bag Designs works with people to help and guide them to develop innovative fundraising programs through different ideas and the many products that are available for sale. We help generate income... Continue Reading →

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