Neighbors Helping Neighbors: How Mixed Bag Designs Helped NCL Crystal Springs

National Charity League (NCL) is a nation-wide organization "committed to the development of mothers and daughters as leaders and is dedicated to improving local communities through hands-on volunteerism" (NCL website). Mixed Bag Designs has had the pleasure of being the NCL Crystal Springs Chapter's fundraiser since 2012. Also located on the San Francisco Bay Peninsula,... Continue Reading →

Mixed Bag Designs and Habitat For Humanity San Francisco

This past Thursday Mixed Bag Designs had the pleasure of working with Habitat for Humanity San Francisco and helped to build a series of 28 homes in the city. Learn more about the Habitat for Humanity project on the Mixed Bag Designs blog.

Mixed Bag Designs Gives: An Orphan Smiles

As you know, Mixed Bag Designs loves helping others through the fundraising business, but we realize that's only a brief chapter in their overall story. We often donate our bags to organizations to help them with their various causes. Here is one of them: An Orphan Smiles is an organization dedicated to improving the social,... Continue Reading →

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