Reusable Bag Fundraiser Ideas for Church Groups

Starting a reusable bag fundraiser campaign is a great idea for any church to make some extra funds. As with most churches cash may be tight and a bag fundraiser is an excellent way to bring in some extra cash. Our reusable bag catalog fundraiser offers up to 50% back on each purchase. In addition to the simple catalog fundraiser, we also have ideas on how you can incorporate the reusable bag theme into various fundraising campaigns.

How to Have a Great School Fundraiser Kickoff

Plan the perfect fundraiser kick off for your school fundraiser! We all know how important it is to have a successful kickoff for your school fundraiser. It can easily be one of the most exciting parts of a fundraiser if it’s planned correctly.

Ten Top School Fundraiser Ideas To Boost Sales

The top ten ideas for putting together an event to raise money for your organization's needs. Adding an event to your school fundraiser can greatly improve your success by boosting your income and spreading the word on your fundraising cause. Here are some ideas for a fun event you can host to boost your fundraiser sales.

Church Fundraising Ideas – Easy Church Fundraisers

Church fundraisers are crucial to many religious groups across the country. These days it has become quite difficult to raise contributions since churchgoers are tightening their belts as result of the ongoing financial strain. Church organizations must come up with innovative and creative fundraiser ideas to get people involved and to support the church events. Read on for some helpful church fundraising ideas.

There’s Still Time for a Fall Fundraiser

We are closing in on November, but there is still plenty of time for both schools and organizations to plan a successful fundraiser. A Mixed Bag Designs fundraiser is a great way to offer teacher and holiday gifts and simultaneously raise extra funds to kick off 2013 with a larger budget. Fall is the most popular time for school fundraisers - and there's still plenty of time to take advantage of the season and our colorful catalog!

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