Top 5 Reasons to Use Reusable Bags!

Using reusable grocery and shopping bags is more than just a fleeting fad - in some areas of the country it is even required by law for customers to bring their own bags for shopping. Don't have enough reusable bags to fit your busy lifestyle? Not to worry, Mixed Bag Designs has you covered!

Enter To Win Reusable Bags For Earth Day!

Start celebrating Earth Day early! We are offering a contest for THREE winners to win four of our favorite reusable grocery bags in honor of Earth Day on April 22! It's easy to enter - just go to our Facebook page, and "like" us to enter - then enter your email, share the contest and post about it to be eligible to win. We will notify our Earth Day contest winners by Friday, April 25, 2014.

Schools Going Green & Eco-Friendly with Grades of Green

Mixed Bags Designs is no stranger to Grades of Green; we partnered with this wonderful non-profit in their quest to help schools and students go green in April of 2012 by providing eco-friendly products for their fundraising needs and has since been a proud sponsor.

Celebrate Earth Day and Take the Clinton Climate Quiz

Looking for a quick and easy way to celebrate Earth Day (other than buying a reusable bag, of course!)? Then take the Clinton Climate Quiz and test out your climate change knowledge. When you do, a tree will be planted in Haiti.

Support Earth Day buy purchasing a reusable bag from Mixed Bag Designs. If you are supporting a fundraiser, add their fundraiser identification number with your purchase and Mixed Bag Designs gives 40% of every purchase to the fundraiser. It's an easy eco-friendly way to support Earth Day and go green!

Top 10 Go Green Changes – Earth Day 2013

Get 10 easy ways to go green in your daily life! We want to celebrate Earth Day with a bang. While our green fundraiser is one way to move toward a healthier lifestyle, we encourage everyone to come up with their own green solutions and tips, and want to share some of the best tips we have found in our own search to make the world a little greener!

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