Learn How a California School Fundraiser Raised Over $35,000

School Fundraiser Profile

Over $200 per participant raised!* How did they do it?

  • They chose to run Mixed Bag Designs’ profitable catalog fundraiser.
  • They pushed online fundraiser sales: 23% of their total orders came from online sales!
  • They signed up for their Fall fundraiser early, and ran it before September 30. The earlier in the season you run your fundraiser, the more likely it will be a huge success.

*School earns 50% profit per catalog order, 40% profit per online order

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HUGE Early Bird Bonuses for School Fundraisers!

Early Bird Bonuses Did you know that Fall is the most profitable time to run a school catalog fundraiser? After a relaxing summer vacation everyone’s ready to kickoff the new school year and raise funds for the school’s upcoming projects, events and supplies.

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You Could Score a Labor Day Fundraiser Bonus! Here’s how.

Labor Day Fundraiser Bonus for SchoolsAre you a school looking to run a Fall fundraiser? If so, you’re in luck! Sign up for a fall catalog fundraiser by midnight Labor Day, September 7 and you could qualify for big fundraiser bonuses. A Mixed Bag Designs fundraiser could earn you up to 50% profit selling from two awesome catalogs everyone is sure to love. Continue reading

The Best Fundraiser Prizes: Minions, Selfie Sticks & More!

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Check Out Our Fundraiser Kickoff Video!

We are excited to share our new animated fundraiser kickoff video! Elementary catalog fundraisers can use this awesome kickoff video to get students excited about selling Mixed Bag Designs. Showcasing our all-new Fall prize program featuring minions, selfie sticks and more, this peppy video is sure to motivate sellers to raise more funds. Remember, the more you sell the more prizes you win! Our cumulative prize program makes it easy to enthuse your students for your next Mixed Bag Designs fundraiser. Continue reading

School Fundraiser Tips – Safe Fundraising Ideas

Another school year is now upon us, and teachers and parents are already finding themselves organizing and helping out with school fundraisers and PTA events. While legal responsibilities may not be at the top of anyone’s list of concerns, it’s necessary to address the issue, especially for those parents and teachers who help run fundraising events. If a student or volunteer were to get hurt at an event, is your organization liable?
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How To Get Involved in School – A Guide for Parents

Back to school tips: get parents involved Mixed Bag Designs

As a new school year begins, parents are thinking about ways to stay actively involved in their child’s education. Participation in a parent-teacher organization, or PTO, is great way to show your support, whether it be through membership or simply volunteering a few times in the school year during fundraisers or when time permits. There are lots of ways for parents to help during a school fundraiser; for example, with a catalog fundraiser, ask if you can help distribute orders when the fundraiser is finished. Even from home, you may be able to help by making signs to hang at school to help spread the word about an upcoming fundraiser and share information and important dates with other parents. If you are a busy, working parent and don’t feel like you are able to give much, remember that a few hours of help is appreciated and can make a big difference. Volunteering your valuable time just once or twice shows your child that his or her activities at school matter to you. If joining a parent group isn’t an option, it might be possible to speak directly with a student’s class teacher to offer a helping hand with tasks like reading or craft projects. Another idea for helping get involved during the school year is attending field trips, which often require extra volunteers to help chaperon and keep an eye on students. These trips are often educational and give children unique experiences in the community, but wouldn’t be possible without help from parents.

Many parents do their best to attend school events that their children are involved in, whether it be a sports game or school play. If work or another commitment prevent you from being able to attend, try to see if a grandparent, aunt or uncle, or family friend can attend to provide moral support to your student.

If, as a parent, you are interested in being involved at the level of academic policy-making, see if your student’s school has a special parent advisory club or council. These groups often help determine new administrative directions and are becoming more important in educational reform. Many school boards need candidates for different officer seats, as well as volunteers for specific committees.

When you are involved at your child’s school, remember to keep your relationship with teachers and staff productive by communicating often, staying flexible, and listening to different points of view. Frequent communication will help maintain a strong partnership with your child’s school. Although there will be times when conflict arises and parents and teachers disagree, remember: at the end of the day, the goal of parents and the school is to enrich and educate your child.