Learn How a California School Fundraiser Raised Over $35,000

Over $200 per participant raised!* How did they do it? They chose to run Mixed Bag Designs' profitable catalog fundraiser. View our catalogs to see what's in store for Fall They pushed online fundraiser sales: 23% of their total orders came from online sales! They signed up for their Fall fundraiser early, and ran it before... Continue Reading →

HUGE Early Bird Bonuses for School Fundraisers!

Early Bird Bonuses Did you know that Fall is the most profitable time to run a school catalog fundraiser? After a relaxing summer vacation everyone's ready to kickoff the new school year and raise funds for the school's upcoming projects, events and supplies. Even though Fall is far away, now is the smartest time to sign up for a Fall 2016 catalog fundraiser. Why? Because we give Early Birds big rewards!

You Could Score a Labor Day Fundraiser Bonus! Here’s how.

Are you a school looking to run a Fall fundraiser? If so, you're in luck! Sign up for a fall catalog fundraiser by midnight Labor Day, September 7 and you could qualify for big fundraiser bonuses. A Mixed Bag Designs fundraiser could earn you up to 50% profit selling from two awesome catalogs everyone is sure to love.

The Best Fundraiser Prizes: Minions, Selfie Sticks & More!

You already know that Mixed Bag Designs offers the biggest fundraiser profits around - up to 50% - and two terrific catalogs. On top of great fundraising program options, Mixed Bag Designs has awesome elementary catalog fundraiser prizes.

School Fundraiser Tips – Safe Fundraising Ideas

In school fundraising planning, there are necessary safety issues to think about. It's important to address these safe fundraising ideas and understand the legal responsibilities that arise in school fundraising events and working with fundraising vendors.

How To Get Involved in School – A Guide for Parents

Parents learn how to get involved with school in this blog from Mixed Bag Designs fundraisers. Back to school involvement includes volunteering at events, working with your child's clubs or helping to organize a school fundraiser. No task is too small nor too big and these tips will help you get involved with school.

Back to School Tips for Staying Organized

These useful back to school tips from the Mixed Bag Designs blog can help families find some balance during the back to school rush, and also teach students some positive habits as well. Get other school tips and information on green school fundraising from Mixed Bag Designs.

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